Mr Tarun Kapur CBE, Chief Executive and Academy Principal

Mr Tarun Kapur CBE, Chief Executive and Academy Principal

I am proud to welcome you to our Schools and Academies. Over the years we have developed a culture of excellence across our organisation that has provided fantastic opportunities for many children and students in our primary and secondary schools.

‘Students achieve outstandingly well. There is an unrelenting and highly successful drive for improvement to take the school ‘beyond outstanding’.’

Ofsted 2013

Ashton on Mersey School, Sale, Cheshire

Ashton on Mersey was the first of our schools, which is led by Mrs Beer CBE. The school is a lead Teaching School that has achieved five consecutive ‘Outstanding’ judgements with Ofsted. We are also very proud of our other secondary schools; Broadoak in Partington, which is also an ‘Outstanding’ school and the newest member of the Dean Trust family The Lord Derby Academy, Knowsley, a school which has seen significant change and improvement. Forest Gate Academy is a popular oversubscribed primary school which has been judged as ‘Good’ by Ofsted

The Dean Trust is an organisation that provides opportunities for staff and students alike but always embraces the local community so as to ensure that the School or Academy is at the centre. We would aim for our communities to be proud of their local Dean Trust School or Academy.

As we continue to grow we are determined to remain an organisation of ‘first choice’. We believe that it is important that children are able to attend a ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ local school.

Tarun Kapur CBE
Chief Executive and Academy Principal – The Dean Trust